Sunday, April 13, 2014

Daily grind!!

           Over slept cuz kids were quiet that should have been my first indicator to get up,,,, kids in to crap, house already looks awful then kids get in to crap and I'm left to clean that shit up alone since we all know redneck isn't going to do it so I have been cleaning non-stop since I got up at 11am yes I said that right 11.... Monkey had crawled in the bed with me sometime around 7 and went back to sleep, the big kids got up and got themselves some apples and granola to snack on and watched cartoons when I wasn't up by 9am they went to getting in to shit.          DramaQueen and Demon were sentenced to hell on earth i.e. They were told to clean their rooms or no outside time... DramaQueen quickly passed out on her bed and I took it on myself pulling a full size trash bag of toys and trash out of her room... Taking a break from the 2hour sorting and cleaning I played a little wow, but then eat a little something and went to tackle the boy's room. This in itself took me about an hour and I ended up having to go back through Toybox as Demon thought it would be a good idea just to shove everything in the Toybox... From trash, clothes, and old food to toys and broken toys to stuff he wasn't even supposed to have like my nail clippers that went missing 2 weeks ago... I am currently outside watching my babies play in the yard giggle about everything like they are high... I wish I had half their energy!!        On a side note I would like to say Happy Birthday to my dearly departed daddy Roy P. How I loved you daddy and miss you everyday. Today you would have been 64, next month you will be gone for 10 years.. Really doesn't seem like it's been this long but I guess time just passes fast when life gets in the way!        Life's to short to complain this much but if I don't vent somewhere I will explode... Redneck got up with me today but did nothing but watch tv.. So this has been the life of this condemned housewife goodnight and god bless.

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