Wednesday, January 29, 2014

P!nk - So What, the theme to my LIFE...

Soooo today was supposed to be REDNECK'S night off.. because it snowed in south Alabama everyone is afraid to drive, but him apparently because he got called in at noon because everyone that is there has been at the plant for more than 24 hours. He decides he needs to make up where he was sick last week and goes in... ends up in a ditch on the way there. Call me to tell me he has went into a ditch he is fine and that he was going to be late going in if they called me asking.. Ok so not so bad right well then he gets there and the girl he is relieving decides if he run off the road maybe its not such a good idea to leave so she stays.  His supervisor decides she going to try to make it home and he can just take his place gets less than a mile from the plant and finds herself also in a ditch so she comes back to the mill. REDNECK texts me and says, "Hey I am stuck here until further notice the 4 pm shift people all called in..." then he texts again and says, "my midnight relief just called in and so did the 8 am relief" this means the earliest he can get out of there is like 4 pm tomorrow if someone shows up... His stupid supervisor wont tell them they can all go home because well the plant is still functioning because most of those workers showed up and who can blame them $24+ dollars an hour is hard to swallow not getting in an economy like this!  It makes me so mad and he is just like well its more money how about your wife and kids who are stranded at the house with no way of going!  He just acts like well  the money is good why not just stay here and make it while I can maybe they will let me off sometime before Saturday after his shift... Here are a few reasons jackass, you have a family at home that count on you being around on your day off... your daughter is so upset she went to bed crying about when her daddy will be home... your wife has a possible Tubule pregnancy something that you know is life threatening! Or the fact that your family gets to see less and less of you since they call you every off day and you go in... I am so absolutely livid about REDNECK choosing his work over his family today I could spit nails!!! 

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