Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dang those damn baby socks!

    Dang those damn baby socks!   

I haven't writin' in some time but I just had to share a bit with whomever might be out there to read my poor pathetic never updated blog... this is about my little girl tonight so hope you enjoy!

        So I figured after my kids got a bit bigger I wouldn't have to worry about tracking down little bitty baby clothes and socks ya know the ones the teeny tiny ones they wear for like a week and then you gotta get out bigger close, boy was I wrong, Had a DRAMAQUEEN and now I find myself at least once a week washing baby close that are dirty and gebus knows how she hardly ever takes here baby dolls outside but still they get dirty like they have been out side rolling around in the dirt.
      Then there is the dang socks that get lost in my washer or dryer whichever decides to eat it on any givin' day and she freaks out and is like " MOM where is that sock you are supposed to wash them both" well to my DRAMAQUEEN I did and the sock monster that lives in the laundry room has made off with yet another sock this week. If anyone has a 20 on the sock monster would you plant your foot firmly up his ass for me!Just a thought for the night. 
      On a personal note I have went back to school full time so I am no longer fully condemned to the house wife gig but I do have all the responsibility I had before while still maintaining a 3.45GPA yeah what then! I will make a better life for me and my demon spawn and get the heck out of this one horse one cop town!
      Just to recap, if you have a little girl you will not outgrow baby cloths tell she outgrows her baby dolls and then they circle back around when you become old and have grand babies; The Sock Monster is on my Hit list! and I am proud to say I am doing so well in school! 

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