Monday, November 12, 2012

Veteran's Day Weekend at My House

Veteran's Day WEEKEND

      Lets start with Friday it was a typical weekday start as school is on Friday's the only difference is that Redneck works 12a-12pm which is Midnight to Noon Saturday morning... 

     Stayed Up tell 2am writing this blog beginning post Friday Night/Saturday Morning. I needed to distress from My day where in the course of it I was hit with a bombshell by someone I have been talking to in my game as well as flirting a lot with Via Private chat,, I have came to the conclusion that he's not all there and haven't been talking to him as much its not that I don't wanna be friends but he wants to talk talk to me and well Im a married woman regardless to how bad things get!  I find myself avoiding him at all cost tell he finds someone else to chat up I been thinking real seriously about changing my Alliance over it but he is one in a huge group of friends, I am torn on this!  Oh well will get that sorted out eventually!
     On Saturday I got up got the kids breakfast but I had my niece and nephew coming over so I went strait to cleaning when they got here I was on my Feet ALL Day for one reason or another! RedNeck came home and helped a little with the kids when they came in they stayed outside to avoid him lol. After my Niece and Nephew Left the Football game came on I played on the computer tell it was time for dinner and I started making dinner got all the kids a cup so they would stay out from under my feet which was Sprite for a treat for being so good all day for me the baby got on the couch by RedNeck and his bottle started spewing Soda every where UGHHH I was being screamed at for giving my son something and I went to talking under my breath about how I never seem to do anything right for him when he got pissed off and decided to eat the fries he had cooked ahead and refused to eat what I made for dinner then he went to bed,,,, I fed bathed and put the babies to bed and played on my game some while I waited tell 10:30pm to wake him which is always a screaming match because he doesnt wanna get up but he is a grown ass man I shouldnt have to stay up to make sure he gets to work.... We dont speak at all before he leaves, He leaves for work at 11:30pm and I go to bed after locking up! 
    On Sunday I got up got my babies breakfast about 7:30am  around 8:30 I got DramaQueen and Demon dressed and let them outside to play got me some coffee and got Monkey dressed, me and him went outside and I drank my coffee while they all played in the yard FINALLY a Hot cup of Coffee! Neighbor lady came over and was chatting with me about her new Bou  around 9:30 she left with her new man and I took Monkey back in the house and we picked up the living room and started on the Kitchen. Stopped long enough to get them all a cup and a snack and went back to my cleaning but keeping a check on my game.  Monkey started fussing so I put him down for a nap and then the other 2 came in running back and forth and I set up the Wii for them and they played the Wii while I played a little on my game tell lunch time then I got them lunch in enough time for RedNeck to come home from work. This is when the day Kinda goes down hill because they get really disrespectful to me when he gets home and act out. He cracked a top on a beer and got on his computer! I had the neighbor watch the kids so I could go get milk as RedNeck came in and said He had to work 10pm-6am and would be going to bed shortly. Got home to put stuff away and I swear I will NOT go back to the store on Sunday around 1pm there was so many people there and they all wanted to be in my way! RedNeck is in bed.  kids continued to play between the houses tell about 4:30 when I made them come home and clean there rooms,, After much fighting with them and Neighbor Girl came over and helped them since they helped her apparently while I was gone to the store! I clean on the bathroom and kitchen and CLOTHES if I didnt mention are a every day thing so I am for ever doing it lol. It was quite peacful in the house tell about 6pm when I got up to make Dinner called the kids in and started dinner kids running a muck in the house I gave them some chips to keep them entertained tell dinner was done (Dirty Rice with Mini Sausages) and Monkey got a hold of them and dumped them all over my living room,,,, But dinner and bath and bedtime went quick and I soon was so tired I couldnt see strait but alas I had to wait tell 9pm so I could wake up RedNeck and make sure he left for work,,,, around 9:30pm I got him out the door, locked up, and went to bed. BTW if your wondering We still are not talking! 
     This Morning (Monday) I wake to find its Raining and WET out UGHHH RedNeck has just came in 6:30am and all the kids are up, He comes in and kisses me on the cheek... I get up and none of the kids have been fed or changed or anything he tells me he will be up in a few hours as he's off today, I feed the kids and try desperately to find something on the TV that they will watch because there is no going outside today,, By 8am Monkey wants a nap from getting up so early I lay him down and fight with DramaQueen and Demon to get them settled!  I sit down here and write out my days and IDK how I done it but its Now 9:45 and they are sitting quietly watching UmiZoomi's and Monkey is up playing quietly in his room with the toys and Im off to see if I can get any game time in before RedNeck gets up and changes the channel and makes them all scream! 

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